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Founded in 1984 Lihe food co ltd Has been specializing in processing and sales of air dried dehydrated vegetables The company is located in the Yellow River irrigated zone in ningxia china The zone is featured with fertile soil and long sunshine hours which are suitable for the growth of the vegetables More than 1500 ton dehydrated vegetables can be provided annually Lihe food can produce a large variety of dehydrated vegetables in forms of grain slice bar segment powder pellet and cubes etc Products of the company are delivered and sold in Europe America Southeast Asia Australia and South Africa area Punctual delivery can be made upon customer s requirement Lihe Food attaches great...

Categories and Products

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dried Bell Pepper

Air dried red bell pepper Red bell pepper Air Dried Red bell pepper granula flakes AD vegetables and spices Dehydrated vegetable tomato leek celery onion red/green bell pepper Dehydrated green chili mild hot RBP Flakes bell pepper dried 

Dried Tomato

Tomato flakes AIR Dehydrated Tomato Flakes Tomato powder natural pigment Tomato granula flakes 1-10mm Dehydrated vegetable Air-dried tomato flake AD Tomato granules dehydrated tomato granules Sun dried half tomato Sun dried tomato half Tomatos flakes dices dried 

Dried Celery

Air dried celery stalks and leaves Celery leaves Air Dried Celery powder natural pigment Celery stalks corss cut Air dried Celery stalks canner cut air dried Celery stalks and leaves mixed dried AIR Dried celery leaves 

Dried Parsley

Parsley leaves Air dried granula Parsley leaves 1-3mm spices Parsley leaf granula dried 100% natural Parsley leaf granula dried 

Dried Leek

Air dried leek green/white/gw 10*10mm Leek green powder 60-120mesh air dried Dehydrated Leek 10*10mm AD leek granules G/W dehydrated leek 

Dried Spinach

Dried Spinach powder dehydrated spinach powder 

Dried Zucchini

Dried zucchini flakes cubs Air Dried Air dehydrated dried Zucchini flakes Zucchini green squares dried 

Dried Caraway

Dried Cabbage Dehydrated Cabbage green 

Dried Carrot

Air dried carrot flakes no sugar Bright yellow dehydrated pumpkin powder sliced ad carrot cross cut Carrot 10x10x2mm Dehydrated carrot dices Dried carrot dehydrated carrot for fast food without sugar dried carrot flakes 

Dried Red Beet

Red beet 10*10*10MM air dried purple beet flakes & powder Red beet powder 60-120mesh 

Dried Onion

Dehydrated onion flakes slices White onion flakes granula Dried onion powder Dehydrated yellow onion powder 

Dried Chili

Green chili flakes air dried Chinese Ad hot sale spice hot chili powder High quality chili powder Red Chili powder dices slices 100% natural Red Chili powder dices slices 

Dried Cabbage

Dried Cabbage Flake Dehydrated 

Dehydrated Vegetables Powder

Dried Red Bell Pepper Powder

Dehydrated red bell pepper powder 

Dried Tomato Powder

Dehydrated Tomato powder Spices 

Dried Celery Powder

Celery green powder stalks & leaves 

Dried Leek Green Powder

Dehydrated Leek powder 

Dried Spinach Powder

Spinach powder 80mesh air dried spinach powder & flakes Caraway powde dried caraway spice Air dried vegetables spinach powder 

Dried Zucchini Powder

Zucchini powder white-green Spices 

Dried Pumpkin Powder

Dehydrated pumpkin powder 

Dried Carrot Powder

Carrot flakes 10*10*3mm air dried carrot Air dried carrot flakes no sugar Carrot powder 60-80mesh 

Dried Red Beet Powder

Red beet powder 60-80mesh 

Dried Red Chili Powder

Supplier of dehydrated vegetables chive granules 100% Natural Dehydrated red chili powder spice 100% natural Dried Food dehydrated vegetables beet powder 

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